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Application of negative pressure fan cooling applicatio

We have encountered a lot of customers are installed high temperature plant axial fans. But the workshop is still so hot, or so much dust and smell. What is the reason? If you stand beside the axis of the axial fan, you do not feel the air at all, although there is a lot of wind on the axis. His air is straight. For the surrounding air is rarely driven. Like high-pressure faucet water, standing on the side of the water, your body will not wet the same. Negative pressure blower is like a reverse sprayer, it is the absorption of the air was a trumpet-like, and not only drive the air flow of the fan axis, but by the fan out of the trumpet-like scrolling air, we stand next to the fan axis Will feel a strong air. Its nature determines its exhaust and thoroughness and efficiency.

Also very important point, the installation of negative pressure fan, the fan side of the wall must do a good job sealing. Especially the fan can not have a gap around. We often see a lot of customers to install a lot of negative pressure fan, but the workshop is still very boring, they then concluded that the negative pressure fan has no effect. I went to see a lot of the scene, often a large window, install a fan, the fan next to the windows are open. One can imagine, a lot of air is only around the fan cycle, of course, can not absorb the distance from the workshop.

The ideal way to install the negative pressure fan is that the walls of the fan and the nearby doors and windows are all closed, and the doors and windows of the fan facing the wall are opened to ensure that the air flow is straight. If the windows of the side walls of the fan should be opened, then the farther away from the fan the better, the purpose is to fully ensure that the air flow from the fan into the opposite.

Is the artificial reproduction of the "water evaporation to absorb heat" the natural physical process. In the closed plant side of the installation of the fan, the other side of the installation of wet curtain, the fan will plant the high temperature air pumping away, so that the formation of negative pressure on the whole space, so that after the wet curtain cooling after the indoor, forming imitation of ecological recycling effect, Keep the room fresh and cool air.

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