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Centrifugal fans to develop, reduce power consumption is the key

Familiar with the working principle of centrifugal fans understand that for the centrifugal fan, the fan is actually a high energy-consuming equipment, from some of the comparative data to analyze, it consumes the power resources, in the stone processing of the occupied The proportion is larger.
In China and the world as a whole, the energy shortage is an undeniable fact, in the face of the current shortage of energy, as well as high yield and efficient work surface promotion and application of energy saving has become a stone production enterprises generally concerned about the problem, but also Many stone production enterprises to reduce the power consumption of the fan as the current important work.
Reduce the power consumption of the fan, in addition to improving the efficiency of the fan itself, the rational choice of fan adjustment is the most important way. Because the stone production load, with the process requirements will change, most of the current fan needs to be based on the host load often flow regulation.
At present, in China's stone processing enterprises, the fan of the energy-saving methods are relatively old, generally use throttling adjustment. When the throttling adjustment, the fan flow, mainly by adjusting the valve or throttle baffle to adjust the fan of the throttle large, low load can even cut more than 50%, but due to the existence of throttling Loss and deviation from the efficient area of operation, energy waste is very serious.
If you adjust the fan speed, you can not only reduce the loss caused by throttling, but also to ensure that the fan is always running in the efficient area, so you can achieve substantial savings in energy. It can be said, by adjusting the fan speed to run the fan, is an effective way to save energy, which also reflects the current building materials industry in the production of a new trend.

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