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The proper installation of the centrifugal fan is an important indicator of its normal operation

Centrifugal fans are a kind of machinery that can be used in many fields. Therefore, such machines are divided into many types, such as industrial centrifugal fans, dust centrifugal fans, explosion-proof centrifugal fans, etc. are based on their application areas of different production Out of the fan. Then want this machine to run normally, but by virtue of the performance of the machine itself is no way to ensure that there are such a fan for the correct installation.
It can be said that the correct installation of centrifugal fans is to ensure the normal operation of the important indicators. So in the installation process should pay attention to what aspects? Centrifugal fan manufacturers technician is to say so.
First, the centrifugal fan in the overall unit before the installation should be directly on the basis of the pair of oblique horn leveling.
Second, if it is on-site assembly of the centrifugal fan, then the cutting surface in the base should be properly protected, can not let it in the process of storage in the process of corrosion, the base in the process of placing should also be used in pairs Horn leveling.
Third, the bearing seat and the base should be closely integrated in the installation process must use the level of measurement is good, if this is not done, it will let the centrifugal fan in the course of the use of noise, serious circumstances The accident is also normal. Think about it, if the normal use of the fan because the base is unstable installation, fan base was broken, then the fan will be directly to the reaction force to the far away, of course, will cause the accident.
Fourth, in the process of running the machine, to adjust the gap between the impeller and the inlet, so that equipment in line with the provisions of the equipment technical documents.
5, the fan is looking for the time, the fan shaft and the shaft axis of the motor must meet the requirements, because these two factors directly led to the centrifugal fan can be used in the process of security.

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