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Centrifugal fan commissioning directly affects the operation of the machine

Centrifugal fan is a very complex structure of the equipment, in the course of the use of different needs can be carried out in accordance with the needs of the debugging, the adjustment of the way so that the fan will work in the effect will be different. If you want to centrifuge the fan to the maximum state, you can start from many aspects. Wuxi centrifugal fan manufacturers are described as follows:
First, the centrifugal fan can be full pressure or buck start, but in the use of full pressure when the start must ensure that the capacity of the grid sufficient. Because the full-voltage start-up current is five to seven times the rated current, if the capacity of the grid is insufficient, use the buck to start this form. This is a very important aspect, if the grid is not sufficient to use the case of full pressure start will produce circuit failure.
Second, the centrifugal fan in the use of the test, be sure to carefully read the product manual, in particular, to check the circuit situation. Because the centrifugal fan in the use of the test field, if the circuit fails, then the direct cause of the fan failure.
Third, the centrifugal fan in the test time, must not be less than two people. A person is to control the power situation, a person to observe the operation of the fan. If there is a centrifugal fan in the course of the work of abnormal conditions, we must stop the fan in time. And then check the fan in all aspects of the data is normal, when the check is completed, it takes at least five minutes to be able to start again.
Fourth, the centrifugal fan even in the normal operation, it should be measured whether the fan input current is normal. If the test current exceeds the rated current, even if the fan is running also to stop, and then measure all aspects of the data. Because more than the rated current is certainly a reason, may affect the use of the fan effect.

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